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Workplace Affair

This blog will be covering those that are not involved in the affair, but are impacted because the individuals work together. My experience has been that all employees inadvertently become involved through no intention of their own. The employees directly involved in the affair think that no one knows what is going on. They both believe they are more clever then the rest of the people working with them; however, when lovers are in close contact, the body language is apparent to everyone in the office. The problem is that once there is a workplace affair, especially, if it is between an authority figure and a subordinate, every encounter that an employee and other employees have thereafter is unequal. The subordinate will always receive perks others will not and promotions others will not. Everyone in the office will be affected. Then of course the gossip will start, which wastes everyone's time. Bosses and Employees just need to fix their unhappy lives, and not become involved in love relationships with employees. These problems should not be at the expense of hard-working employees in the workplace.

Love, Love, Love

My love story started later in life. I had been in a terrible marriage, and did not know if I ever wanted to love again. I had worked my way through school and earned my first degree, and then got my first job in my field. Well to "make a long story short", I attended a party for, people in my field, for the holidays, and my secretary announced to all of those in ear shot, "Ok boys she is single". Well, I just about wanted to kill her, but this very nice, good looking professional man came up and talked with me. The next day, I was walking to lunch, and just by coincidence (maybe not) there he was walking down the same street as me. Well, He asked me to join him for lunch that very day and later as he was walking me to my office he asked if I would go on a date with him, I said yes. My gosh during that date I was scared to death because I really had very little experience with dating. This man turned out to be the love of my life. He was patient with me and loved me. I am so grateful. The last 14 years of my life have been the most lovely moments. So those who are afraid to meet and date someone. Give a person a chance. I know there are frogs out there, but there are also lovely men.

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